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2016 n. 1




A.R.D. Stebbing - The Unity of Opposites and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, with a biological outcome

Rosendo A. Yunes - The logic-mathematics structures and the convergence of cognitive capacities towards the source of this information: the infinity

Ayten Aydin - Saving the ecology and life on Earth. A Conscious move from an anthropocentric globalization to an anthropogenic & anthropo-ecological G-Localization

Nick Greaves - Mach’s Principle and its correlation with gravitation & inertia

Nick Greaves - Why the universe appears homogeneous & light isotropic, and the manner in which the speed of light might be made variable, and its resulting  relation with the passage of time, and some similarities of these proposals to the Absorber theory

Nick Greaves - Dark Energy and the expansion of the universe



2015 n. 2




Guy Dauncey - Journey to the Future: A Better World is Possible

Ulisse Di Corpo - A Syntropic World Order



2015 n. 1




Ulisse Di Corpo - ANOVA = bad science. Can bad science practices be fixed?

Nick Greaves - Duplication Theory. An explanation in principle for the operation of memory and other allied phenomena

Roger Taylor - How to further empower world-healing meditations: a suggestion

Eric Wargo - Time’s Taboos: Dirty Thought on Systems, Syntropy, and Psi

Francesco D’Agostino - The syntropic solution of the impasse on the issue of human will



2014 n. 2




Maurizio Paolella - Homeopathic Medicine and Syntropy

Sara Leoncini - Urinary cytological screening with follow-up

Roger Taylor - A suggestion for the nature of Reich's DOR, and a method to generate it

Antonella Vannini - Consciousness and the Invisible

Walter Branchi - Performance of a Garden

Mark Hinton – The Key of Time

Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini - Syntropy the Spirit of Love



2014 n. 1




Peter Kohut - Crisis of Contemporary Theoretical Physics and the Truth in the Mirror of Dialectical Logic (The Unity Principle)

José Dìez Faixat - ¡Bye-Bye, Darwin! The Hidden Rhythm of Evolution

Stephen I. Ternyik - Human Photo-Energetic Transduction

Roger Taylor - Remote transmission of life energy by means of macroscopic quantum entanglement

Roger Taylor - Remote imprinting of frequency information onto ormus atoms during their passage into magnesium phosphate. Possible application for distant healing

Ulisse Di Corpo – Change of Monetary System or Third World War?

Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini - The Decline of Science



2013 n. 3




Dirk K.F. Meijer - Information: what do you mean? On the formative element of our universe

Mario Ludovico - Evolving Systems. Recognition and Description

Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini - S.A.T. Synchronicities Activation Therapy

Dirk K.F. Meijer - Immortality: myth or becoming reality? On the conservation of information

Roger Taylor - The Great Work: Healing the World by Collective Meditation

Alessandro Simonini - Quantum actors and the retrocausality of emotions

Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini - West and East: Entropy versus Syntropy?


2013 n. 2



Roger Taylor - Response to the Viterbo Conference

Ulisse Di Corpo - Life Energy, Syntropy, Complementarity and Resonance - Video

Antonella Vannini - The Intelligence of the Heart - Video

Sergio Barile and Marialuisa Saviano - An Introduction to a Value Co-Creation Model. Viability, Syntropy and Resonance in Dyadic Interaction - Video

Jacqueline Magner Greedy - Parallels to Syntropy and Resonance in Jungian Psychology and Rosen Method Body Work Applied to the Treatment of Individual and Collective Trauma: Theory, Methods and an in vivo Experiment - Video

Richard A. Blasband - Concepts of Life Energy and Vitalism Through the Ages - Video

Richard A. Blasband and Dominique Surel - Radiesthesia In Atmospheric Energetic Engineering - Video

Nelson Abreu, Alexandre Madurell and Lucilla Perego - The Consciential Paradigm: a consciousness-centered framework for expanding the study of reality through bioenergy, OBE, and allied phenomena - Video

John F. Caddy - The  Huna philosophy and ‘Objective  Observations’Video1Video2

Roger Taylor - Studies on “Life Energy” by means of Quantitative Dowsing and Seedling Growth - Video

Roberto Maglione - Restoring Natural Atmospheric Pulsation in Northwestern Madagascar with the Reich Cloudbuster - Video

Jean M Ratte - Biosemantics of syntropy - Video

Dominique Surel - Controlled Remote Viewing – A Transformational Experience - Video

Philip Franses - The Paradox of Physics - Video

Irina Zhuravleva - The study of the soul: structure of the soul and bodies of the soul - Video

Olav Drageset - String Theory with a New Interpretation Can Model the Mind - Video

Peter Kohut - The Unity Principle - Video

Surendra Singh Pokharna - Exploration of General Systems Theory (GST) and Jainism may provide new frontiers of knowledge and evolution - Video

Ivan Klinec - Syntropic Economic Theory and Solution of the Global Crisis

Richard L Amoroso - The Physical Teleology of Syntropic Interaction: An Experimentally Testable Anthropic Cosmology

Alfred Bennun - Hydration shell dynamics of proteins and ions couple with the dissipative potential of H-bonds within water

Stoyan Sarg Sargoytchev - Energy in the Universe and its Syntropic Forms of Existence According to the BSM – Supergravitation Unified Theory - Video

Douglas Wilson, Ram B. Singh, Agnieszka Wilczynska, Fabien De Meester and Toru Takahashi - Perspectives on omega-3 fatty acids and flavonoids: modulation of syntropy and entropy; Tsim Tsoum concepts - Video

Charles M. Savage - How Might we Actively Escape the Entropic Traps of the Industrial Era? – Video1 – Video 2

Ki-Joon Hong -  Social Resonance in Path Emergence - Video

Deepak M Ranade - Creation - A symphony of Syntropy and entropy - Video



2013 n. 1                         




Dirk K. F. Meijer and Jakob Korf - Quantum modeling of the mental state: the concept of a cyclic mental workspace

Rosendo A. Yunes - The Real Sate Strange Loop: Evolution and the Uniqueness of the Human Mind Psychological Implications

Roger Taylor - Studies on “Life-Energy” by means of a Quantitative Dowsing Method - II. Studies with Ormus

Stephen I. Ternyik - World System Energetics

Richard Jones - A Navigator’s Odyssey

Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini - Syntropy, the Law of Complementarity and Unity


2012 n. 2                




KC Blair - The Science and Meaning of Mom’s Soup, the Placebo and Medicine, Plus Compassion, Love, Healing, Health, God and Everything Good

Roger Taylor - Studies on “Life-Energy” by means of a Quantitative Dowsing Method

Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini - The New Thermodynamics and Life Energy



2012 n. 1                




 Dirk K.F. Meijer - The Information Universe: On the Missing Link in Concepts of the Architecture of Reality

John F. Caddy - Resonance and the Implicate Order. Are creativity and ceremony poles apart?

Marco Galloni - The heresy of Fantappiè and Teilhard and the converging evolution

Don C. Nix - Syntropy and Sufism

Abdorreza Naser Moghdasi - Brain and Cosmology

Ulisse Di Corpo and Antonella Vannini - Syntropy, Cosmology and Life

2011 n.1

The origin of life according to the law of syntropy
The evolution of life according to the law of syntropy
Society, Darwinism and the law of syntropy

2010 n.1




Advanced Waves and pre-stimuli heart rate differences

Advanced Waves and Quantum Mechanics

Syntropy and Water

Advanced Waves, Syntropy and Parapsychology



2009 n.1




A Syntropic Model of Consciousness

Pre-stimuli reactions of heart rate frequencies: retrocausality and learning


2008 n.1




Pre-stimuli heart rate differences: replica and controls

Syntropy: definition and use


2007 n .1




Pre-stimuli heart rate differences

Quantum mechanics (QM)

Quantum models of consciousness

The vital needs model



2006 n .3





1. Time as a variable: from Galileo’s to Einstein’s relativity

2. Dual energy solution and supercausality

3. Empirical evidence of retrocausality

4. Negative energy, syntropy and living systems

5. The fight of life against entropy

6. Causality, retrocausality and consciousness

7. The methodology of concomitant variations

8. Empirical evidence

9. Conclusions



2006 n .1




Supercausality and free will

Non locality and emotions

Learning from the future

The method of increasing proportions




2005 n. 3




Syntropy: a third possibility in the debate on evolution

The convergence of science and spirituality

The evolutionary role of suffering

Towards a new scientific paradigm



2005 n. 2




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2005 n. 1




Syntropy: the energy of life

From mechanical to life causation

How is syntropy experienced?

The three basic needs of life: material, love and value

Contemporary crisis

Relational methodology

First study based on the relational methodology

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