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The fundamental energy equation (E2 = m2c4 + p2c2) has two solutions and since in the moment (p) there is time, one solution is positive time and one negative time. The positive time solution describes energy that diverges forward such as light, heat and sound, while the negative time solution describes energy that diverges backward and which for us moving forward corresponds to converging energy, an example is the force of gravity. Gravity is invisible to us because we cannot see the future. Tom van Flandern, an American astronomer specializing in celestial mechanics, has developed a series of procedures for measuring the speed of gravity propagation. The experiments start from the consideration that if gravity diverges backwards in time it must propagate at a speed greater than that of light and we should not observe a delay, an aberration in gravitational measurements. Observations indicate that there is no detectable delay in the propagation of gravity from the Sun to the Earth. The direction of the Sun’s gravitational attraction is exactly towards the position in which the Sun is located, not towards a previous position, and this shows that the speed of gravity is infinite. Despite the countless experimental evidences supporting the negative time solution of energy, charismatic physicists like Bohr and Heisenberg in the 1920s imposed a view that causality only moves forward in time. All those who continued to work on the negative time solution were discredited, censored, expelled from academia, and lost funding. This censorship continues today.

In 1941 Luigi Fantappiè, working on the mathematical properties of the two energy solutions, discovered that the positive-time solution is governed by the law of entropy, that is the tendency of energy to disperse in the environment, while the negative-time solution is governed by a symmetrical law that Fantappiè named syntropy (combining the Greek sin = converge and tropos = tendency). Syntropy leads energy to concentrate, to increase differentiation, complexity, and to create structures. These properties describe life. Fantappiè thus arrived at the formulation of the Unitary Theory of the Physical and Biological World in which energy is a unit that cannot be created or destroyed (first principle of thermodynamics) and the entropic polarity describes the material, visible world, while the syntropic polarity describes the invisible properties of life and consciousness. This theory was censored and Fantappiè was accused of not being able to produce any experimental evidence.

In 2005 Antonella Vannini and Ulisse Di Corpo provided the first experimental evidence in support of the theory of syntropy. The experimental hypothesis was amazingly simple: “Since life feeds on syntropy and syntropy propagates back in time, the parameters of the autonomic nervous system that supports vital functions must react in advance to future stimuli.” Experiments show that skin conductance and heart rate react in advance to emotional stimuli. When the experimental results began to confirm the syntropy theory, the censorship began. Since 2005, the page dedicated to syntropy has disappeared from Wikipedia. If you search for syntropy, the page negentropy appears which is a completely different concept. This happens in all the main languages. Ulisse Di Corpo was approached by people who qualified themselves by showing copies of the original correspondence between Fantappiè and Richard Feynman. He was ordered and threatened to immediately stop his work on syntropy. Antonella became the object of very violent attacks, not on a scientific level, but on a personal one.

We wondered why censoring such a simple and elegant theory, supported by irrefutable experimental evidence, which broadens science to a supercausal vision that opens the way to incredible applications and solutions. We then noticed that one of the basic properties of life is the exchange of matter, energy, and information. An example is provided by metabolism. Catabolism is entropic while anabolism is syntropic and the continuous interplay of energy and syntropy leads to the exchange of matter, energy, and information. Exchanges require a means. In plants, it is provided by water, in animals by lymph, in society by money. In society, whoever controls money also controls the vital energy of people and nations. Originally money was owned by the state that minted coins, but with the introduction of banknotes it became private. Banks began printing banknotes in exchange for depositing valuables and in England, in 1694, banknote printing banks were merged into the Bank of England, the first central bank in history. The monopoly on banknotes gave the Bank of England power over the nation and turned bankers into greedy and unscrupulous people. It is important to note that the War of Independence of the United States of America was a war of independence from the Bank of England and to prevent the formation of such a harmful institution, the founding fathers of the United States wanted in the first article of the constitution that only the Treasury can control and regulate the money. This prevented the formation of a central bank. Each bank could print banknotes which, however, had to be guaranteed by Treasury bills. A war between bankers began. The Astors, Guggenheim and Straus, the most powerful American bankers were loyal to the constitution and opposed a central bank; the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Morgan wanted the central bank. Oddly enough, all bankers loyal to the constitution died on April 15, 1912, in the sinking of the Titanic. A few months later the new American president signed the law establishing the FED, a private central bank controlled by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Morgan. The FED used the First World War to indebt European countries and provide value to the dollar, while the Second World War sanctioned the link between the dollar and gold, all other currencies had to be guaranteed by the dollar. Those who opposed this system were eliminated. The Great Depression served to remove the banks that were organizing an alternative monetary system to the FED’s dollar. In June 1963, Kennedy signed the Executive Order 111110 authorizing the Treasury to print US Government silver-backed notes. A few months later Kennedy was assassinated, the Treasury notes were withdrawn, and the FED was once again in full control of the currency.

But was it just greed? Working with climate data we discovered that the big secret, which is hidden from everyone, is that we are close to the beginning of the Ice Age. For about three million years, glacial and interglacial periods have alternated. The glacial periods are becoming longer, the next will last about 120 thousand years, while the interglacial ones generally last between ten and twelve thousand years. The last ice age ended 11,700 years ago and astrophysicists who study the Sun predict a 60% drop in solar emissions starting from 2032. The mechanism of private central banks has allowed an elite to concentrate immense resources that allowed to build underground cities capable of hosting tens of millions of people throughout the next glaciation, thus saving humanity. In Switzerland, cities have been built under the mountains that can accommodate up to ten million people. But for this to work, the world population must be reduced to less than 500 million people. This was to happen in 2016 with the start of a war between the United States and Russia that would have triggered a Third World War. But the election of Trump sent this project into the air. The COVID-19 pandemic is the current attempt to reduce the world population. In China, since February 2020, COVID has been cured thanks to effective therapies that have eliminated the epidemic, while in the West all effective therapies have been blocked, thus favoring the spread of the epidemic, and justifying the use of experimental vaccines. Luc Montagnier, virologist, Nobel laureate, discoverer of HIV and director of the Pasteur institute, warns that the vaccines used in the West were made using the first strain of the virus (no longer in circulation) and that this will cause ADE (Antibody-dependent Enhancement). ADE starts when a vaccinated person encounters a variant. The immune system recognizes the virus, but the antibodies it produces are for a different strain and, failing to block the virus, the infection spreads to all the cells of the body. The immune system thus begins to fight the entire organism, leading the person to death. According to Montagnier, in the next years all those who have been vaccinated using Western vaccines will develop ADE and this will lead to a drastic reduction in the world population.

However, saving a few in underground cities is a strategy doomed to fail. Data shows that magma activates at the end of each Ice Age, causing volcanic eruptions of incredible proportions. This magma activation is becoming more and more violent and destructive since the reduction of solar emissions is more and more marked and this increasingly reduces the Earth’s magnetic shield allowing more cosmic rays to enter the Earth’s core activating the magma. Furthermore, the Earth has a fast rotation and an extremely thin crust. At the end of the next ice age, these factors are expected to lead to the disintegration of the Earth’s crust and the explosion of our planet. Therefore, other scenarios are needed. Elon Musk proposes to take 2 million people to Mars before the Ice Age. But a three-month trip in space shuttles that do not offer adequate protection from cosmic rays will be deadly for most travelers. A further proposal is therefore required. In the book / novel “Colonization of Mars, Ice Age, Biological Teleportation and the Meaning of Life” you will find the detailed description of what has been said so far and a proposal that, even if science fiction, is achievable.

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